Boca's Thermal Energy Storage Solutions

Necessity is the mother of invention. After all, an invention has to serve a need significant enough to survive in the market. BOCA provides phase change materials at a series of PCM temperature for various kinds of thermal energy storage solutions to meet your industrial and business needs. 

(A) Energy Efficient Solutions for Chiller Plant System

We offer full services from assessment, consultation, design, installation to maintenance for HVAC engineering projects.

Please take the following figures of energy saving levels as a rough range.

BocaPCM-TES Tank

Install Boca’s Phase Change Material Thermal Energy Storage System (BocaPCM-TES) for new or existing buildings, heating, cooling or refrigeration plant. (Tank + PCM Panels) Enjoy part of our energy saving capacity.


Energy Saved


or Above

Ultra High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES VSD Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System replacing
Water Cooled Chillers

Install a new or replace part/all existing Air Cooled Chillers with Ultra High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Chiller Plant System. Enjoy our full-load energy saving capacity.


Energy Saved


or Above

Ultra High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES VSD Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System replacing
Air Cooled Chillers

Install a new or replace part/all existing water Cooled Chillers with Ultra High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Chiller Plant System. Enjoy full energy saving capacity.


Energy Saved


or Above

Ultra High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES VSD Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System
with A.I. Control

Install “PCM-TES Variable Load Chiller Plant Energy Controls” software and hardware to maximize the efficiency of all equipment within the chiller plant. Enjoy an extra 10%+ energy saving capacity.

Energy Saved


or Above

Energy-saving HVAC

PV Panel03 Logo


Ultra High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Chilled/Hot Water Central System

Suppy Both Hot & Chilled Water!

Harvesting solar energy with vacuum tube collector, this new energy-saving HVAC system combines Heat TES and BOCA’s Ultra Efficient PCM-TES Chiller Plant System into a perfect blend. It provides chilled water for air-conditioning as well as hot water for specific or general heating purpose for a building throughout the year. Annual saving of electrical energy consumption by 50% at least!

Save Electricity


or Above

* New patented design, please contact us for details.

(B) Applications with Thermal Energy Storage Solutions

BocaPCM-TES can be used for many kinds of thermal energy storage solutions, heating or cooling.

Here are some examples.

(1) CO2 Water to Air Heat Pump System

Employ Boca’s PCM technology on heating function. Use high Phase Change temperature materials such as E58, Heat Pump System can be an easy thing. Enjoy 70%+ saving in energy consumption and reduction in CO2 emission.

PCM-TES heater Diagram

(2) BocaTCP Temperature Controlled and Packaging Intelligent Logistics Management System

Low operating temperature PCM used in logistics for cold storage, free cooling or heat retention of food boxes, refrigeration power-free transport and distribution channels. With IT Management console built on cloud platform connected by IoT devices or mobile readers. This is a new sophisticated design, please consult us for details.

Smoke from chimney

(3) BocaPCM Solar Power Electricity Generating System

Solar energy is a viable option for clean and renewable  energy for this century. 

The use of solar energy, however, poses a major problem of maintaining continuity of power during hours when sunlight is not available. 

Phase Change Material Thermal Energy Storage (PCM-TES) can be employed to address this problem. We developed a BocaPCM-TES Solar Power Electricity Generation System which collects heat from the sun and store it with our PCM for power generation, cooling and heating functions together. With PCM-TES you can use solar energy anytime you need. 

(4) BocaPCM Passive Cooling

PCM Chilled-Ceiling-Panel for passive cooling

The regulation of temperature within living and storage spaces in high-temperature environments is a demanding challenge mostly met using high-fuel consuming air conditioning systems. 

Phase change materials can passively cool buildings by using latent heat to store the room thermal energy throughout the day and releasing it at night when the ambient air is cooler, thus decreasing the need for conventional air conditioning systems. PCMs panels were installed in the ceiling and as a wall in a room. 

PCM will react very quickly to the applied heat load with a charge time of only a few minutes and still satisfactorily cool the room. Our CH2 Melbourne City Council project has proved the feasibility and efficacy of this application. 

(5) BocaPCM for Geothermal Energy Storage

Geothermal energy is very hot water and steam collected from underground reservoirs. This energy is contained within the rocks and fluids beneath the Earth’s crust.

To harness this natural power, we must first reach them by digging very deep wells to bring the hot water and steam to the surface. Generally, we channel geothermal heat and steam directly to drive turbine to generate electricity for powering homes, as well as heating and cooling buildings.

With the use of PCM-TES now we can realize geothermal energy storage, leave this energy in a tank for later use. Only when we are able to store this natural energy effectively, we can utilize this essential renewable energy at will.

Geothermal Heat

(6) BocaPCM-TES Data Center Solution

Data Center cabinets

Thermal Energy Storage Solutions can be used for providing backup cooling for Data Center in case of a total blackout. While the adoption of water-TES is far more common than Ice-TES in Data Center, PCM is a viable alternative to provide uninterrupted cooling supply to address the problem even more efficiently.

(C) Solutions for Temperature-controlled Application

We produce and sell Phase Change Materials for your special thermal needs.

We may advise, select and develop special PCM items to meet your specific needs.

From cold to heat function.
From industrial to consumer product.

BOCA produced PCM thermal products. to name some, cooling or heating sport bags with E15 or E83 PCM, to meet our clients’ need. The Phase Change Materials can be used in a wide array of finish products for cooling or heating purpose. TES building materials, electric-free refrigeration, solar heating, air-conditioning, battery cooling, database cooling or just a can of drink capable of staying cool outdoor for hours? PCM is underutilized. You name it. We are all ears. 

Phase Change Material Salt
PCM Product2
PCM product1

New Application!

Ultracold Storage
For Vaccines or Medicines

Responding to the imminent requirement for the storage of COVID 19 Vaccines at ultracold environment, BOCA developed a series of PCM sheets and panels which target at a temperature range from -50℃ to -80℃, as a thermal energy storage solutions very helpful for the ultracold chain of medicines as well. These sheets and panels will be placed inside thermal storage boxes, making ultracold storage and delivery easy, efficient, safe and affordable.

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