-50℃, -85℃ Ultracold Storage

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is over 50% vaccine wastage globally every year, in part because some points of vaccination, such as healthcare providers in poor or rural areas, may not have the resources to support cold chain requirements. Today, most of the vaccines developed in the west are messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. They are particularly vulnerable to degradation by enzymes and must be stored and shipped in subzero to even ultra cold environment. It thus poses a great challenge onto the cold chain of vaccine from transport, storage, continuous temperature monitoring to the last mile delivery before final administration.

Covin 19 Vaccine table

Dry Ice is not the only choice. BocaPCM is a better alternative.

Some vaccines are based on a novel approach that targets the virus using synthetic mRNA to mount an immune response. mRNA tends to be more fragile, which requires storage and shipping at a very low temperature to maintain the vaccine’s stability. Although dry ice shares a fair part of cons, in some parts of this cold chain Dry Ice is the only choice, but not anymore when BocaPCM comes to the stage.

Dry Ice vs BocaPCM

Compare Item Dry Ice BocaPCM
Danger (Explosiveness)
When sublimating into gas, dry ice will blow off an airtight container.
Safe. BocaPCM is free of the danger of explosion.
Dry ice will melt into gas even placed inside a freezer. Require special storage with ventilation and timely use.
PCM sheet or panel can be placed anywhere without undermining chemical nature and usage.
Working Temperature
For cool only (below zero degree Celsius)
Also for cold-to-cool (Above zero degree Celsius). A wide array of working temperature available, from cold to extremely cool.
Consumable. Need special treatment for leftover.
Reusable for years.
Cannot use for Seafood or flower, etc.
No contamination.
Not portable

Challenges in Vaccine Cold Chain

  • Stoarge

    The vaccines have to be stored in environment as low as -70℃ to preserve their efficacy. However, facilities with such ultra-low temperature are limited in the city and can hardly be found in hospitals or clinics.

  • Logistics

    There is always a clock ticking and an expiration date for the vaccine. With multiple modes of transportation, multiple hand-offs, from original equipment manufacturer all the way to final administration, all parts in this cold chain must maintain the suitable temperature. In additional, power-free cold storage of the vaccines is much needed but distributors can only use dry ice for this purpose.

  • Cost

    Ultra-cold equipment such as freezers and storage box are expensive and not the standard equipment. Cost for ultra-low temperature freezers range from USD7,000 - 30,000.

  • Energy

    To protect the vaccines the freezer equipment must be operated around the clock. This cost a great deal amount of electricity to power these energy devouring machines and may cause an extra investment to improve the power grid and distribution facilities.

Temperature-controlled Storage Solution

To end the Covid-19 pandemic many kinds of vaccine have been developed and become available to the public. However, there are great challenges posed by the specific cold storage and logistics requirements for these precious but extremely vulnerable gems. With our unique and leading thermal storage technology powered by Phase Change Material (PCM), Boca developed the BocaPCM Temperature-controlled Storage Technology which provide an ultra-cold solution to help and support the world in its mission to get past this pandemic. We have prepared technically and materially for the cold chain challenge and honorable to introduce our Ultracold Series PCM  that reaches as low as -86℃. Besides this achievement, we have also prepared specific PCM for preserving a temperature level of -50℃. 

We have developed a series of PCM for different temperatures at ultra-cold level. Take a look at one of our experiment for -50 ℃ level:

Experiment results of BocaPCM E-50

PCM Cold Chain Application
Utracold Storage Container

Virus Logo
PCM Ultra-cold Storage Box
Mini PCM Panel
PCM Sheet
Boca PCM Ultracold Storage Container

Application 2: Boca PE-50 Panel

NEW! Maintain the ambient temperature of a freezer at -50℃ ~ -40℃ for 24 hours for power outage. Recover to optimal storage temperature very soon, PE-50 is an economical option for cooling redundancy to help ensure the safe, secure and reliable long-term storage of your priceless and irreplaceable biological samples, vaccines or lab contents.

Boca PE-50

Simply freeze the PE-50 panels 2 to 3 days inside your cold storage cabinet beforehand, you no longer have to worry about risking your biological samples like DNA, RNA, proteins, cell extracts, or reagents for thawing damage at a sudden power outage.

Recover to optimal and stable ambient temperature very soon. Ensure the viability of your precious samples. Optional temperature mapping device is available for real-time monitoring and gauging of temperature data in the emergent event of power outage or malfunction of cooling system.


*In the event of power outage/malfunction of cooling system, maintain cabinet temperature at -50℃~-40℃ for 24 hours.

*Working for various temp control configurations, just equip appropriate quantity of PE-50 panels.

*Chemicals stable. Panels durable and reusable for 5 years.

Here is the temperature curve of a 780L Stirling SU780XLE refrigerator:
*Discrepancy may be observed among the data gathered from different brands of refrigerator. Just apply appropriate quantity of Boca PE-50 panels as per kinds of cold storage configuration and various temperature demands.
*Fitted with optional temperature recorder which maps temperature curve under any emergency circumstances.

Temp Chart ENG

The Mechanism behind ULT Preservation:

When temperature starts to rise due to power outage, the Boca Phase Change Materials inside the PE-50 Panels will absorb a great deal amount of latent heat during the phase change from solid to liquid state. This process helps preserve the Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) storage environment for vulnerable samples and prevent accidental thawing damage.

Items Parameters
Pull down Temp & Time
Place PE-50 panels inside an ULT freezer and wait for 2-3 days for a stable -70℃/-80℃ ambient environment.
Temp Preservation Duration
Place enough PE-panels inside an ULT Temp freezer. After their temperature pulled down, the cabinet can be preserved at a stable -50℃ to -40℃ for 24 hours in the event of power outage or malfunction of cooling system.
Is PE-50 panel reusable?
Yes, good for 5 years except human damage.
HDPE casing containing Boca PCM
For what Freezers?
For ultra-low temperature freezer below -60℃
PCM Heat Ratio

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Boca PCM Panel Benefits & Features

  • Ultracold Stoarge

    Solve the problem of storing vaccine or medicine of any kind in an ultracold environment in a handsome way. Maintain any temperature within subzero range to satisfy your need for a cold chain.

  • Reusable

    PCM material can be reused for many times. The lifespan can be up to a decade.

  • Save Energy

    The use of PCM facilitates power-free storage for a period of time thus saving a great deal of energy.

  • Cost Effective

    Taking into consideration the reusability of PCM, both the initial cost and operational cost are low and cost effective.

  • Versatility

    PCM comes in a series of phase change temperatures and related design of application. You will definitely find one from our PCM series for your function.

  • Safe

    Unlike dry ice, PCM is portable, explosion-free. The chemicals pose no harms to environment and human body.

Boca PCM Cold Chain and Ultracold Storage not only serves for vaccines but also for medicines or any things which need deep-freeze. We also provide Temperature-controlled Storage Solution to any kind of industrial or business service which requires stable and power-free preservation of specific temperature for cooling or heating functions.

Please feel free to consult us. We will try our best to solve your problem.