Storing Energy is Saving Energy

What is a TES?

Why add ice to your drink?

Because you know the ice cubes helps cool your drink. In this case, the ice cube is the medium with which you can store coolness to use when needed.

You don't make the ice cubes upon drinking. You prepare it.

You know if you don’t prepare the ice cubes beforehand and store them in the ice box of your refrigerator, you’ll get no ice to use at the moment you drink.  

And you know what is
Thermal Energy Storage (TES) .

Just like the ice cubes which store the coolness for you to use in need. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) refers to a medium and its storage tank with which engineer can store energy for a cooling as well as a heating function whenever needed.

A Typical TES

A container tank and the medium inside which can store latent energy.

Typical TES_Tank

Types of TES

In terms of medium, there are three types of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for modern chiller project. 



Poor choice. 

Use chilled water for storing energy. 

Very low efficient saving energy.

Boca Phase Change Material


Best choice. 

Use PCM for storing. energy. 

 Highly efficient in saving energy.



Outdated choice.

Use ice for storing energy.

Turn out not saving energy at all.

Phase Change Material filled into a panel. 

BocaPCM Panel

Hundreds of PCM panels securely stacked inside a TES Tank.

PCM-TES-Tank with panels stacked inside

This is the BocaPCM-TES.

A typical BOCA PCM-TES system includes thermal tanks filled with our patented Phase Change Material (PCM) panels. 

The PCM in panels can magically freeze at 8°C thus storing valuable coolness capacity for later use. Paired with the application of our unique Strategic Unbalanced Supply-demand Operation (SUSDO) technology and system design, our chiller plant system as a whole can help save tremendous energy for modern HVAC system. PCM comes in a wide array of operating temperatures, also suitable for heating function.