Discover probably the BEST
chiller system energy efficiency.

Redefining Chiller System Energy Efficiency

Systemwide, our HVAC project including running chiller plants, pumps, coolers and pipe works as a whole, can reach a value of Co-efficient of Performance (COP) as high as 7.0!  Probably the best chiller system energy efficiency level you could find in Hong Kong or around the world.

This is too cool to achieve if not with our unique Ultra-High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Chiller Plant System. As far as we know, chiller SYSTEM in Hong Kong could hardly ever hit a COP value of 7.0, no matter what new measures and equipment are used. The common COP of a new high-tech chiller system in Hong Kong is still below 5.0. 


Coefficient of Performance (COP) in HVAC energy efficiency measurement is used to represent a chiller plant, a heat pump, a refrigerator or an air conditioning system in terms of a ratio of useful heating or cooling provided to work load required. Higher COP means higher energy consumption efficiency and lower operating costs. Compared with old type Air Cooled Chiller Systems in the buildings in Hong Kong used for many years which barely has any eco-design, BocaPCM-TES chiller system can save up to 70% HVAC energy, probably the best chiller system energy efficiency today. See the chart below to learn more. 

In Hong Kong, the Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning Installations has stipulated that all factory-designed and pre-fabricated electrically-driven equipment, with a rating above 10 kW of cooling/heating capacity, shall have a minimum coefficient of performance (COP) at specified rating conditions.

Different chiller plant systems COP

An Energy-saving Contest

Most of existing chiller plant system installations in Hong Kong are air-cooled. Taking them as a zero base we could see that water-cooled chiller plant system, relatively more advanced chillers in HK, can save up to around 40% energy, compared to 70%+ energy saving capacity of Ultra-High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Chiller plant system with A.I. control. High chiller system COP requires delicate design and optimization and more importantly,  new technology such as PCM-TES will make a diffence, buy a large extent.

Chiller system's COP comparison

Reaching for Higher

A road map to even higher Energy Savings

Add to your existing chiller plant systems with our BocaPCM-TES tank, or replace with a full set of our Ultra-High BocaPCM-TES Chiller Plant System, or this system with even more powerful A.I. control we are developing. We will lead you in the road to the ultimate energy saving capacity you can get from modern HVAC energy efficiency facilities.

Air cooled COP

Air Cooled Chiller Plant System
(As a compare base)

COP = 2.0, Save


Water Cooled COP 1

Water Cooled Chiller Plant System

COP = 3.0, Save


VSD Chiller COP

New VSD Centrifugal Water Cooled Chiller Plant System

COP = 3.5, Save


Serial chillers on rooftop

Upon above, add BocaPCM-TES Tank

COP = 3.9, Save



Ultra Efficiency BocaPCM-TES VSD Hybrid Power Chillers Plant System

COP = 7.0, Save


Coming AI_ENG

Ultra Efficiency BocaPCM-TES VSD Hybrid Power Chillers Plant System with BocaSmart A.I. Control

Highest Chiller System COP = 7.5, Save


(The above figures are calculated theoretically under specific situation for reference and demonstration only. Do not take these figures as the exact performance index with legal effect for any of our projects.)

Endorsement from 3rd Party Energy Audit

Our performance has been supported by 3rd party consultant. The latest independent energy audit on our Ultra High efficiency PCM-TES Hybrid Power Chiller System has shown that the system can save an average of 55% electricity or millions of HK dollars of electricity bill money annually. Some periods in a year, the savings can even surge to nearly 80%.