PCM Panel

The Art of Stacking

BocaPCM Panel

PCM panel is panel-shape HDPE container filled with specific type of BOCA patented Phase Change Material (PCM) solution. This is precisely prescribed for a specific operating temperature to achieve cooling as well as heating function with our Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank. Each piece of PCM panel has a volume of 3.8 Litre, 160 pieces in a cubic meter. 

Container Evolution


First generation of PCM container is a sphere made of stainless steel. Today, BOCA improves it to the second generation. Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the new version is less costly. It does not cause possible health or environmental problems like PVC or Poly-carbonate associated Bisphenol A (BPA). Special design of the outer workings on PCM panel surface facilitates secure stacking and tight arrangement inside the thermal tank. 

BocaPCM Panel


  • Patented PCM solution for reliable and practical application you hardly found in the market

  • PCM panel comes in a full range of operating temperatures for cooling as well as heating purpose

  • Special design of container facilitates stack-up yet allow max. surface thermal exchange with water

  • Container cap fully welded by ultra sonic ensures safe operation and no leakage

  • Container panel made of High Density PE (HDPE). This is recyclable plastic, makes no harms to environment

  • PCM solution is non-toxic, absolutely safe and environmental friendly

  • 10,000+ times of durability test demonstrated at least a 25-Year lifetime will serve your system to the end

  • Products has all related stress, strength and thermal tests passed, qualified industrial product