Today PCM is very mature in applications but it is still quite new to the public. We know you will have kinds of questions about this novelty item. Here are some FAQ we have prepared to help you better understand PCM-TES and assess this most promising innovation for energy saving purpose.

Does your PCM come in any working temperature?

Boca can prouduce a series of PCM at any temperature between -100℃ to 1,100℃. This is indeed a very wide service range in terms of industrial applications.

Is BOCA the only company to produce and use PCM?

No. BOCA is one of the few in the world who take part in and develop the patent of production of PCM. You may find very few of PCM suppliers in Europe but BOCA is definitely the leading PCM company you rarely found in Asia, especially in the Great China Region.  

Does PCM only apply in the field of HVAC ? Is there any other use cases?

PCM can be used in a wide spectrum of areas. While BOCA is the expert in designing, installing and maintaining PCM-TES chiller plant system, we also produce and supply a series of PCM at different operating temperature. We welcome any business proposal on the use of PCM. We will customorized our PCM products to suit your great idea. 

Is PCM really that good? Then why do I not find a kind of PCM application around?

Although the development and use of PCM has been two decades, frankly PCM is still an innovation to most of the people. Imagine the typical Innovation Adoption Curve, we are still in the stage of early adopters. 20 years is not a short period but for an innovation it is still in the beginning stage. You will definitely see more and more PCM applications because the use of PCM is very mature, highly reliable and widely accepted and endorsed by scholars, technical experts and practitioners globally.    

Is PCM suffering from ageing problem?

Don’t worry. Thanks to nanotechnology, BOCA can produce PCM with a product life span of 25 years or more. Moreover, PCM is securely encapsulated in a protective HDPE panel which is UV-resistant and erosion proof. BOCA PCM will stay along for the whole product life of your chiller facilities. 

PCM is patented product. Is it very expensive?

Yes, PCM is patented. And that’ why we can spend a lot of resources and efforts on R&D to ever-improve it. A PCM-TES system will approximately increase your HVAV budget by 30%. However, in view of the fact that it does help save a lot of electricity, the payback period of investing on PCM is no more than 5 years. Comparing to 6-7 years of payback period of similar system usually seen in the industry, you will find it a fair, wise and cost-effective investment. As for other applications such as ultracold storage solutions, the cost of PCM is barely a question comparing to how much its competitive counterparts like deep-freezing cabinet will cost you.

Is PCM is new invention? Is it reliable or mature enough for engineering purpose?

PCM is new but it has been discovered and developed for more than two decades. It is now world-renowned as a reliable and very effective medium for energy storage. You can search out a lot of researches and studies on it. There are a lot of PCM use cases successfully executed around the world. Our latest project with HAECO is indeed the best demonstration of the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of this innovative material. 

Is PCM harmful to health or our environment? I know the PCM panel is made of plastics!

PCM does not contain any kinds of poison. It is 100% safe to human’s heath and makes no harms to our lovely environment. The PCM panel is made of High Density PE (HDPE). This is not plastics or PVC. It makes no harm to the earth.

How can PCM save my electricity bill money?

In several ways. First, PCM has specified phase change temperature you can reach conveniently by less or no extra energy at all. It really helps save energy in principle. Second, you spend electricity to turn PCM into iced at night for use in the daytime and tariff at night is always cheaper than in the day. Moreover, for some temperature-controlled applications such as delivery with ultracold storage box is power-free.

In sum, how much energy BocaPCM-TES can save?

Our calculation with proven engineering achievement shows that generally 60% would be a sure-thing comparing to air-cooled chiller plant system. As comparing to chilled-water-cooled plant system, at least 40% savings of energy can be guaranteed. A reminder, even the lesser one is an incredible level hardly touched by the practitioners.  

PCM-TES in One Sentence

Question Answer
What is phase change?
The natural process when material absorbs heat to turn into liquid from solid or releases heat to turn into solid from liquid.
Then Phase Change Material (PCM)?
A specially prescribed solution which can perform phase change at specific temperature.
What’s for?
During the process of phase change PCM absorbs and store heat or releases heat to store “coolth” for later use or for other purposes.
What is Thermal Energy Storage (TES)?
The mechanism in which thermal energy like heat or “coolth” is stored.
What does PCM-TES like?
Like a battery but it stores thermal energy instead of electricity.
What is a PCM panel?
A panel shape container for PCM.
PCM-TES tank?
The large container to accommodate PCM panels to facilitate TES.
What does 8℃ PCM means?
It means that this phase change material will turn into solid (frozen) from liquid (solution) at a specified freezing temperature of 8℃.
PCM-TES chiller Plant System?
Integrating PCM-TES tanks into a chiller system so that extra “coolth” can be stored for use in day time or whenever needed.
How can it help save energy?
The 8℃ chilled water in the system is suffice to turn 8℃ PCM into solid (frozen) ice which help use without consuming energy.
How save electricity money?
Extra ice helps increase refrigeration capacity yet tariff at night is lower than in the daytime.
What does PCM-TES Chiller System like?
Like adding a power-free ice bank which stores and gives extra ice pieces for cooling use.