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PCM Phase Change Material can store thermal energy in the form of latent heat for cooling or heating functions in a later stage. Energy storage is as important as new clean energy in terms of environmental protection.


From -100℃ to 1,100℃, different type of PCM has different phase change temperature so that its energy-storing phase change process can be sustained by specific natural hot/cold source without extra energy.


PCM built into panels or sheets can be used to keep stuff at specific temperature required for temperature-controlled applications: advancing chiller system efficiency, facilitating a cold chain or storing solar energy.


Boca PE-50 Panel

Prevent thawing! Maintain cabinet temperature at -50℃ ~ -40℃ for 24 hours for cold storage of your priceless samples, medicines or vaccines in emergency! 

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Beyond First Class Savings!

In the wake of the record of -80.11% for November 2021, in December our latest PCM-TES chiller plants system project updated the historic record with a galvanizing energy saving level as high as 88.23% compared to replaced old chiller system!!! And again saved more than 1 million HK dollars of electricity tariff for one month in one project!!! Many thanks to the remarkable efforts by our engineering team.

Boca Phase Change Material
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40%-60%+ Energy Saved

Ultra-High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System

Equipped with our 8℃ Phase Change Materials (PCM), this uniquely optimized Chiller System can save 40% to 60%+ energy and electricity bill money you spent on a  HVAC system. Recognized as "Most Innovative Leader in Chiller Systems".

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What is PCM?

Boca Phase Change Materials
BocaPCM Panel

Phase Change Material (PCM) is an organic compound capable of absorbing and releasing thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing. It can magically enable the temporary storage of precious heat and coolness for later use. This not only helps save a lot of energy but also fulfill the special and harsh needs for some temperature-controlled applications, even with extreme heat or ultra-cold requirements.

In practical use, Boca usually fills PCM solution into a panel. For example, the 8℃ PCM panels are widely used for HVAC chiller plant projects. We also offer PCM at different phase change temperature for different hot or cold functions.

  Boca International Limited (BIL) holds the patents and the trademark of BocaPCM.


Basics in One Sentence

Know nothing about PCM?

Learn some easy and basic knowledge to know the picture before diving in is definitely helpful. 

Thermal Energy Storage

Phase Change Material Thermal Energy Storage (PCM-TES) is a large tank fully filled with PCM panels. It realizes the storage of precious thermal energy from a source, either solar, chilled water or geothermal, for heating or cooling functions in a later stage. 

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PCM-TES far better than

When it comes to energy saving, PCM-TES is far better than Ice-TES, although the latter is prevailing in the market. See a thorough comparison and find the real green solution for your HVAC facilities.

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Need to keep -85℃?


Save most energy!

Data Center

24-hour solar energy!


Reserve earth power!


More PCM Applications

Invitation for your Business Proposition

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We always welcome clients’ brilliant idea or creative proposal on the use of PCM. Our PCM products are able to cater to a very wide range of working temperatures for heating or cooling functions, even applicable to extreme or harsh environment. Adopt our PCM in developing new products or services for your sector. Let’s study the new use of PCM together and we will turn your idea into valuable practice.

We not only undertake chiller system projects with PCM-TES on our own. We also welcome cooperation, joint venture or sales of PCM-TES materials and equipment as well as technical consultation to enhance your bidding power for HVAC projects in the market. Please feel free to contact us for any ideals, business orientation or discussions.

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