Boca Logo

Boca Logo
pCM panels stacking inside TES

Our logo represents our mission with which we devoted our passions and all-out endeavors in the past two decades. GREEN in the upper part of the logo implies our innovative energy saving technology we developed for the betterment of our environment. BLUE carries our dream of a clean sky, without being polluted by the raging CO2 emission.   


The white line in our logo is a straight-forward imitation of the white BocaPCM Panels being stacked up inside a TES tank. With this pattern we can build an interwoven architecture that lets the panels exchange heat with flowing water. It plays a vital part of our thermal energy storage  mechanism. 

PCM Panels stacking

The white lines in our logo are also the symbol of “Kan Gua”, one of the eight Trigrams, or “Baigua”, used in ancient Chinese metaphysical philosophy, representing the lifeblood for human being and the essential medium for heat exchange in the BocaPCM-TES:  Water.