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Phase Change Material

Boca Phase Change Materials

Hydrated salt or Eutectic salt, mixed with water and compound into a novel nanomaterial solution, makes up the patented BOCA Phase Change Material (PCM).

People discovered PCM in 1800s but failed to use it due to inability to decompose related chemicals. 

The production of Eutectic salt solution for practical use has been a worldwide technical problem for decades because water and Eutectic salt when mixed together in the solution will tend to separate from each other upon releasing latent energy, thus causing an severe ageing problem of the PCM.

Since 1992, BOCA dived in the research of it and finally cracked this problem with the adoption of new Nanotechnology. Passing through ten of thousands of relative tests we finally developed a new genre of Phase Change Material which can be used for at least 20+ years, turning this century-old problem into a precious material of very high value of practical application.  

Today, we developed various portions of salts and compounds coming together into an array of prescriptions of PCM with different phase change temperatures from -100°C to 1100°C. PCM is now ideal for various cooling or heating functions in modern society.

What is Phase Change?

pcm_vs_ice in TES

Having adsorbed sufficient heat, substance will change its state from solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Just think of water. Upon freezing water releases a large amount of energy, and upon melting it absorbs an equal amount of energy from the immediate environment (medium). The energy involved in this process is called latent heat. This process enables thermal energy to be “stored”. People may use it at a later stage or transferred it to a different location. This is a new and very useful way of storing energy, and storing energy helps save energy consumption at last. However, all the benefits bolt down to the proper selection of the phase change material. BocaPCM is the right one we need.

Phase change process

Classification of PCM


How does PCM work?

Ice vs PCM


Ice. Just imagine putting a piece of ice cube into a glass of water. The water immediately exchanges its heat with the coolness of the ice cube and get cold. The ice cube absorbs heat and then melts into liquid water from its original state of solid. This involves a phase change. (Solid to liquid or liquid to solid and vice versa.)

In reality ice does not come from pure water in natural environment. If you want to produce an ice cube you have to make it staying at -5°C or -6°C, instead of zero degree, and this in fact requires a lot of energy to lower the temperature to this subzero level.  


BocaPCM. For example the E8 type PCM, has a higher freezing temperature at 8°C. That means you just need far less energy, or even no energy when at a cool night in some area, to lower the temperature to 8°C so to solidify the liquid PCM solution into iced. At this easy room temperature, you freeze the liquid solution into a solid state. The phase has changed from liquid to solid and a great amount of latent heat has thus been stored in the PCM for you to us in future.

Put it simple, in practice PCM stores the coolness in the night and releases it for cooling use in daytime. 



PCM Use cases illustration


Cooling TO Heating

BocaPCM  filled in panel comes in a wide spectrum of phase change temperatures for specific TES  purposes and various use cases.

We offer full technical support from proper selection of material type to customized product design and installation.

For our PCM product specifications and updated full-series details, please contact us.


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