Boca Thermal Energy Storage Tank

Wrapped by protective thermal enclosure,
our PCM panels finds the best place to sit tight for storing precious thermal energy inside the tank. When it comes to TES tank, BOCA grasps all the ropes from calculating, designing to constructing the best-fit tanks for our clients with best possible thermal storage efficiency and physical durability. 

The PCM-TES Tank of Coolth

Boca PCM-TES Tank
  • Flexible Installation

    Be it buried, be it standing alone on ground, be it comes in parallel or in serial, be it built in-site or factory prefab, BOCA designs and constructs the most suitable PCM-TES tank to fit in your site condition and meet the demand of required storage capacity.

  • Best fit BOCA PCM Panels

    Custom-made with sophisticated calculation and spatial design to best accommodate BOCA PCM panels. The height of PCM-TES tank is restricted in 3m for ceiling panel stack-up and the footprint of the tank can be adjusted around the limit.

  • High Thermal Energy Storage Efficiency

    The subtle design of thermal protection and relevant physical and chemical quality tests result ensures that the thermal energy storage tank is excellent and beyond standard in terms of weatherproof, durability and TES efficiency.

TES Tank Size

As the BocaPCM panels can be stacked up securely to 2.6m (8.5ft) level, therefore, the height of the tank can be built to around 3m (10ft) and the footprint of the tank can be adjusted around this dimension. If the required storage capacity is too large and the design takes in multiple tanks, the tanks can be arranged either in parallel or in serial format to best fit the demand of application and space available. Typically, the depth of the tank is 2.6m with an inside dimension which corresponds to approximately 52 pieces of BocaPCM panels and leave a 150mm headroom in the tank container.

Three BocaPCM-TES Tank in serial

TES Tank Design

Sketch of a BocaPCM-TES tank

In practical design, Thermal Energy Storage tanks should be placed as close as possible to chillers and loading facilities in order to minimize pipe work, transmission heat loss and pumping energy penalties. If the system requires pressurized tank, a cylindrical tank will be employed to accommodate BocaPCM panels with minimum by-pass. Generally, the tank area could also be used as a car park or a landscape area. Inside a building, tank can be built or installed in the basement area as part of foundation. 

Don’t worry. BOCA’ engineers will figure out the most viable, reliable and cost-efficient tank plan for you. Whether the tank is factory prefab or built in site, our engineers and technicians will guide through the whole design and production process. We can also provide blueprint, measurements and relevant specifications of the TES tank if clients want to purchase one from local factories to save transportation costs.

BocaPCM-TES Tanks set as a park

Half of the tank can be buried while exposing the other half to make it a scenery.

PCM-TES buried tank

Or fully buried to keep the environment clean and tidy.

Round or Square

Da Vinci
PCM-TES square Tank

Tank not necessarily be round, it can be square to fit the space.

PCM-TES Square Tank in Malaysia

Tank can be designed into a "room" inside a floor.


Or built like a rectangular housing with concrete and reinforcement bar.

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