Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

(1) Purpose and use of this Website
This website is not built for the purpose of any kinds of direct correspondence, advertising or sales function. We constructed this site only for promotion of knowledge, education business development. Although there are some contents inviting visitors to contact us for business proposal or for enquiry purpose, we do not provide direct contact form in this website. None of your activities in this website, including downloading resources or hyperlinking any email address as contained in this website will be directed to use any forms of contact means which will involve the collection of your personal data, nor related IT data such as the IP address or location of the computer you used to visit this website. There are also no streamlined log-in or activities of tracking of transactions will be done in this website.

(2) Cookies
A “cookie” is a small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. The Data collected from cookies may be used for many purposes, such as help improving the functionality of service, or used to enhance the convenience of user’s access to the website again.

As mentioned in Clause (1), the purpose and the functions of this website does not require us to collect any kinds of your personal data during your time spent in here. In this sense, you are noted that in this entire Website, we use cookies only to collect common data for site statistics purpose only. We will not use cookies to identify and collect any kinds of your private or personal data when you browse this website.  

(3) Website Activities
This website does not contain any surveys, subscriptions, event invitations or login process in this platform. No personal data will be required to submit in this site.

(4) Revision of this Private Policy
We will from time to time review this privacy policy, or to revise this privacy policy statement whenever we have a plan to change or modify the privacy policy herein published. If so, notice on this subject will be popped to the attention of visitors in advance.