Solar Energy Around the Clock

24-hour BocaPCM-TES Solar Energy Storage

More than 50% Solar Energy Efficiency

Solar power now provides quite a portion of the electricity supply. It is clean and safe, indeed the most promising renewable energy in the foreseeable future. However, there are times when the sun is taking breaks. Hence, capturing and utilizing renewable solar energy is just one side of the coin, the other side depends on the effective method of solar energy storage.

In this regard, besides the conventional expensive non-durable lead-acid or lithium-ion battery banks, ideal candidates are just very few if not none. To name them, gravity storage, hydrogen, flow battery, thermal fuel, are all under trial stage, except  Phase Change Material, this beefier solution which dwarfs others because it is highly energy efficient and practical for use for the time being.

In a conventional solar system, people use Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel to capture solar energy. When sunlight hits a solar panel, photons are converted into electrons, which then pass through the cells of the solar panel and are converted into direct current (DC) electricity. In this process, large amount of energy lost as heat or as reflected away from the cell’s surface. Today most solar panels turn not more than 20% sunlight into usable electricity.

In our unique PCM-TES system, we use Heliostats to reflect and concentrate sunlight to heat up special Phase Change Materials to an extremely high temperature up to 600℃, meaning great amount of solar energy has been stored in this process. To use it, the heat carried by PCM will be channeled to a steamed-powered generator to produce electricity or for other purposes. The energy efficiency of the whole system can be achieved to as high as 54%!

PCM for Solar Energy Storage and Usage

Solar PCM-TES enables a more controlled form of solar energy storage and transfer, as the temperature of the PCM remains constant throughout the phase change. The energy density of PCM is very high, resulting in reduced volumetric requirements.

Application 1

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PCM-TES Solar Power Electricity Generation System

3 Outputs in 1 System

With solar energy, 1 system to produce 3 types of outputs:
(1) Electricity (10MW)
(2) Hot Water (3MW)
(3) Chilled Water (5MW)


High Power Generation Efficiency

Whole system as high as 54%.
Compared to Solar-Voltaic 15%; Wind 40%; Nuclear 35%; Diesel Engine 25%.
Most most plants operate at steam pressure of 170 bar and 570℃ Super-heat and 570℃ reheat temperature.
The efficiency of theses plants range from 35% to 38% only.


Application 2

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PCM-TES Solar Power Storage Chiller Plant System

Solar Collector

24-hr Solar Energy for Chillers

Equip with a +117℃ PCM-TES to store solar energy for all-day use.
Prepare for night duty or recoup the shortfall of refrigeration from the +8℃ PCM-TES.


High Thermal Efficiency

According to Carnot Efficiency, the highest heat source temperature and the lowest cold sink temperature yields the best thermal efficiency from a heat engine.
In this unique design our heat source solar +117℃ PCM-TES and cold sink chilled water +8℃PCM-TES are working together to achieve a brilliant level of thermal efficiency.

Carnot Efficienct in BocaPCM-TES Solar Storage System

Application 3

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PCM-TES Solar Heat Application

Solar panels under the sun

Direct Heat Storage

Besides concentrated solar energy, common solar photovoltaic panel system can also be dovetailed with PCM-TES. As phase change material performs as an efficient medium to carry thermal energy, PCM-TES can be connected to solar photovoltaic panels through conductive piping route to channel and store solar energy from captured solar heat directly in form of heat inside the thermal tank for general heating and cooling purposes.


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