Flying PCM-TES Tank

Filled with Phase Change Material (PCM) which can be frozen at 8℃ simply by the chilled water from chillers, Boca's Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank installed in a chiller system can store precious coolness at night for cooling use at daytime, indeed the only way to save 60%+ energy & big electricity bill money from this energy saving HVAC system.

Thermal Energy Storage Expert + Chiller Plant System Expert

Ultra-High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES
Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System

Highly endorsed by clients & experts. A mature & reliable energy saving solution that  helps protect environment. 

Most Energy-efficient Chiller System
with Boca's PCM-TES achieves

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Electricity Saved

Millions in kg

Reduction of CO2 Emission

3rd Party Energy Audit confirmed

Award Winning New Green Technology

How we can achieve that?

Ultra-High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System

Baked into the Ultra-High Efficiency BocaPCM-TES Hybrid Power Chiller Plant System system are three pioneering technologies working together for the best possible energy efficient HVAC.

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Strategic Unbalanced Supply-Demand Operation (SUSDO), the most efficient energy saving strategy powered by PCM.


Phase Change Material (PCM),
the best energy storage medium in the market. Help save a great amount of energy.

System Optimization

Boca System Optimization Design, our way of optimizing HVAC system with High ΔT technology and serial chillers configuration.

How Efficient?

In this system “Hybrid Power” refers to the fact that it magically combines the use of normal electrical energy and the thermal energy stored in the TES tank.

That’s why it can save unmatched and extraordinary level of energy.

Common HVAC systems in the market usually suffer from low energy efficiency. Their Coefficient of Performance (COP) , a common industrial index for the measurement of energy efficiency level are always under 4.0, which means they are wasting too much electricity during the operation of the whole chiller system including chiller plants, pipework and pumps. Don’t miss to see how Boca’s new energy saving chiller system can achieve a COP of 7.0 for the whole HVAC system!

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Ice-TES has been widely applied on energy-efficient HVAC system in the last two decades. However, it turned out that the energy saving level is very limited, if not nothing at all. This outdated technology should be replaced by the new PCM-TES. Let’s see why.

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An Illustration of Typical BocaPCM-TES Chiller System

Patent Cert
Patented Product

Features & Benefits

  • Green Solution

    Save 40% - 60%+ energy and reduce CO2 emission save the environment

  • Reliable

    Unbelievable energy-saving level with track records and endorsed by credible academic researches

  • Patented

    Unique & mature PCM products & technology rarely found in the market

  • Save Money

    Save electricity bill money and running cost, enjoy a fairly short payback period not more than 5 years

  • Quick Response

    BocaPCM-TES panels offer quicker response in comparison with any other TES systems in the market.

  • Stand-by Capacity

    In case that the main machinery fails, stored energy can be utilized to handle the system load.

  • Eco-Friendly

    PCM and its container panel are environment-friendly

  • Temperature Series

    PCM comes in a wide range of operating temperature for cooling and heating purpose

  • Durable

    The life time of PCM is guaranteed for at least 20+ Years, this matches with other system elements.

  • Reduced Machinery

    Shifting some of the peak load enable designers to reduce the size of main machines.

  • Increased Capacity

    As a retrofit application, the additional TES load may increase the system output without any addition machinery.

  • Flexible System

    The overall machinery capacity and TES capacity can be exactly matched to system loads.