Science Park Phase 3, Hong Kong

8℃ PCM-TES Tank

Science Park Phase 3, Hong Kong

Central Chiller Plant Chilled Water TES :  1,300 RT/hr, E8

Annual Running Cost Saved : HKD46,000.

Annual Carbon Emission Reduction :  HKD358,800

tank produced for BocaPCM-TES
A raw BocaPCM-TES tank in factory
Prefabricated BocaPCM-TES tank
Vehicles transporting the BocaPCM-TES tanks
Hoisting the BocaPCM-TES tanks to base
Setting BocaPCM-TES tank in place
BocaPCM-TES tanks set aside for installation
Installing BocaPCM-TES tanks in Science Park
BocaPCM-TES Tanks can be a scenery.
BocaPCM-TES Tanks in Science Park
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